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Hello, dear reader! My name is Maksim Konstantinov and along with my sister, Nina Konstantinova, I would like to introduce You to our FXbro Blog platform. Here You will find a plentiful of super-useful materials both Trading and General Knowledge kinds.



What is fxbro?

FXbro is a unique project run by two special individuals who have managed to succeed in Financial Trading. It’s hard to say when an idea of making it all public appeared, but 2020 came to be one of the most suitable years to launch ourselves on the Web.

FX stands for FOREX, or “Foreign Exchange”, basically the main tool and the main market we do our daily businesses with. BRO is a colloquium for Brother, or Family, as we say that each of our Customer, Reader, or just an Email-Subscriber represents a special part of our private family.

FXbro represents a mixture of the most useful Trading Applications:

  • THEBESTFXSIGNALSBOT – a product that was launched by Nina herself a couple of years ago, representing a daily coverage of her trading schedule as Trading Signals. A good portion of 1-6h running trades + a couple of weekly swings is just the BEST way to enter Trading. Mostly Forex, Metals, and sometimes Indices. The main sessions are just the EU and the NY ones.

    The price starts off with $150 USD per month. Bundle discounts are available!


  • FRXSIGNALSBOT – another Telegram Bot operated by Me where You can find an everyday pack of Indices Signals which I personally trade on the live accounts. A good RR of 1:1/1:2, along with a 90% success rate presents a nice opportunity for each of You to make 15-25% of the deposit per month!

    Pricing stays at $149 USD per month.


What’s next?

Our plans are huge! Just make sure You stay in tune:

  • FXbro iOS & Android Apps – after the testing stage finish, the world will see our Trading Signals Apps, where everyone can purchase a monthly subscription to a variety of Signals types and kinds. 

    Release date: October 2020

  • FXbro Trading Academy – Nina and I decided to combine all of our knowledge about Trading Forex, Indices, and even Trading Psychology in order to give You an opportunity to learn how to trade properly through a portion of paid webinars and home tasks.


If any questions going to come – just file up a contact form and we will be happy to assist!

By FXbro