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Markets seem to be on the eve of a correction


On Thursday, activity on world markets was expectedly low due to the US investors’ absence because of Thanksgiving Day. Today the trading session will be short due to the continuation of the national holiday. Trading in the Asian session began with a confident weakening of the dollar against...

The fog clears over financial markets


The news that the Trump administration had officially begun the transition of power to the winner of the US election, Joe Biden, contributed to the growth of demand in the stock markets. Coupled with the recent news about vaccines, it dissolves another fog of uncertainty that prevented investors...

Markets are stuck between a rock and a hard place


The past week showed that, in general, the mood on the world markets improved but is still far from ideal. Investors continue to reasonably believe that the emergence of effective vaccines will be the key to rectifying the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic and the virus will be defeated next...