We created easy-to-use drop-down questions & answers that will assist you with all basic information regarding the project!

What is FXbro?
FXbro is a world wide trading related project that allocates all possible nieche subproducts, such as Trading Signals through Apps & Telegram, Trading Academy and Private Mentorship!
Who runs FXbro? Do they trade?
The answer is positive! Both product owners, Maxim Konstantinov & Nina Konstantinova are professional Forex, Commodities, Sotcks & Indices traders with a huge background. We recommend reading “About Us” page to fine out more!
How much do the Signals cost?
The price starts at $99 USD per month for the Stocks in-app signals and finishes off with $150 USD for Forex & Indices. If You purchase a 3-12 months bundle deals the price is going to be significantly lower!
Is it a scam?
Of course not! The project has been live nearly for a year and processed through more than 5000 customers in total! Multiple reviews, testimonies, and positive feedbacks are available to check!
How do I start trading?
Especially to solve this popular question we highly recommend trying out our useful trading guide!
How do the signals look like?
Each Signal has an Order Type value, Take profit, Stop loss, Recommended risk management, and Pips count. It’s very simple to enter every trade by following ready-to-go set-ups presented as a message!
Do owners have any Instagram or other public pages?
Sure! Please go and check @forex & @my_fx_journey on IG!
How do your Signals perform?
Monthly average pips count results for Forex usually stand at +500-2000 pips value, where Indices & Stocks are at the +500-1000 POINTS value!
How can I get support?
Please check out the live chat on the website and contact @fxbro100 on Telegram if any human help is demanded!
Do You have refunds?
The answer is yes, for the majority of our products you can request a refund within 7 days of use if the service has not brought You any financial profit! Please contact support team for more info!